Tourism Contacts

Administration Fax: 404.962.4093
Kevin Langston Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4083
Lisa Love Division Director 404.962.4063
Nija Torrence Operations Manager 404.962.4083
Jeff Farr Director of Budget and Fulfillment 404.962.4077
Business Development & International Accounts
Tracy Vaughan Director 404.962.4080
Lacey Cameron Domestic Business Development Manager 404.962.4175
Carola Kolmann International Marketing Manager
(Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
Anja Höebler International PR & Social Media Manager
(Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
Della Tully International Senior Trade Account Director
(UK, Ireland and Scandinavia)
Lily Davis Tourism PR Account Manager
(UK, Ireland and Scandinavia)
Stella Xu Director of Greater China Region Initiatives 404.962.4081
Jassy Ji Greater China Region Initiatives Coordinator 404.962.4079
Visitor Information Center
Brittney Gray Director 404.962.4084
Product Development
Cindy Eidson Director 404.962.4844
Tracie Sanchez Manager, Product Development 404.962.4092
Janet Cochran Manager, Regional Tourism Project Manager Program, Historic High Country 404.276.9142
Randi Greene Tourism Project Manager, Atlanta Metro 404.962.4188
Mandy Barnhart Tourism Project Manager, Classic South 404.357.7582
Cheryl Hargrove Tourism Project Manager, Coast 404.971.1559
Rebekah Snider Tourism Project Manager, Historic Heartland 404.548.2083
Lori Hennesy Tourism Project Manager, Magnolia Midlands 678.640.4342
Cheryl Smith Sr. Tourism Project Manager, Northeast Georgia Mountains 770.535.5757
Amanda Peacock Tourism Project Manager, Plantation Trace 404.615.2672
Holly Winner Tourism Project Manager, Presidential Pathways 404.804.5678
New Media
Lindsay Isaacs Content Manager 404.962.4835
Katie Christof Senior Digital Media Strategist 404.962.4051
Parker Whidby Digital Content Specialist 404.962.4107

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To get help expanding or relocating a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development or call 404.962.4000.

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