Centers of Innovation Contacts

Centers of Innovation Program Staff
Steve Justice Executive Director 404.962.4926
David Nuckolls Global Account Manager, Marketing and Operations 404.962.4130
Dawn Price Program Analyst 404.962.4041
Joshua Fletcher Marketing Coordinator 404.962.4932
Centers of Innovation for Aerospace
Amy Hudnall Director 478.230.4300
Gary O’Neill Senior Aerospace & Defense Specialist 404.433.8771
Kelly Griendling Sr. Project Manager 478.308.1182
Centers of Innovation for Agribusiness
Chris Chammoun Director
Sarah Cook Project Manager 229.391.6882
Roderick Gilbert Sr. Project Manager 229.386.3127
Centers of Innovation for Energy Technology
Costas Simoglou Director 404.962.4033
Centers of Innovation for Information Technology
Glen Whitley Director 404.962.4066
Centers of Innovation for Logistics
Matt Markham Director 404.962.4134
Sandy Lake Associate Director 678.502.6233
Jane Jordan Marketing and Administrative Assistant 912.963.2551
Emily Schrenk Sr. Project Manager 912.966.7842
Centers for Innovation for Manufacturing
John Morehouse Director 404.894.0007
Alyssa Rumsey Project Manager 404.894.0772


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To get help expanding or relocating a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development or call 404.962.4000.

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