STRAND Clinical Technologies | 2018 Small Business ROCK STAR

This year, Georgia honors four outstanding small businesses as its 2018 Georgia Small Business ROCK STARS: AKESOgen, Inc. (Gwinnett County), Gottwals Books (Peach County), SouthLife Supply Co. (Thomas County), and STRAND Clinical Technologies (Columbia County).


Co-founded by a community pharmacist and a technology expert in 2008, STRAND Clinical Technologies is the U.S. market leader in helping pharmacists launch clinical services within their community. Recognizing that small pharmacies would be a lot more competitive and effective if they were able to offer turnkey tools, the company was the first to offer an eCare plan for pharmacists and patients – the STRAND platform.

Their mission is to transform the community pharmacy marketplace by inspiring and empowering pharmacists to engage clinical pharmacy practice. The business essentially helps modernize the pharmacy profession and empower pharmacists so that they can improve patient outcomes. Their efforts allow pharmacists to truly embody the role of being a community pharmacist.

STRAND Clinical Technologies began as two longtime friends trying to build a bridge between patients and their community pharmacist. The business grew to about five people but had to rapidly expand to 20 employees. The Development Authority of Columbia County has also worked to support this growth and foster an environment conducive to their needs as a small business within Columbia County and as a U.S. market leader. Through a partnership with the CDC, STRAND also works in areas such as zika awareness, smoking cessation, and opioid abuse education. In addition, the company is also utilizing WorkSource Georgia office in their job creation efforts.

“Georgia allows us the opportunity to grow and expand. At the local level, we engaged our local economic development authority to assist us with workforce and manpower.” -David Pope, Co-Founder and Chief of Innovation, STRAND Clinical Technologies

And they are constantly innovating and evolving their technology. In order to enhance and promote the software platform and educational materials, they developed a video streaming service – CPTV – that displays customized video content in pharmacies across the nation.

CPTV was developed as an app for AppleTV to stream marketing and educational content to patients in the pharmacy.  All of the filming, production and post-production is done in-house by the STRAND team. Through this, they are able to spread the word about specific services the pharmacy provides, such as diabetes education, prescription delivery services, and more.

Congratulations to Strand Clinical Technologies on being named one of Georgia’s 2018 Small Business ROCK Stars! Do you think your business has what it takes to be one of Georgia’s Small Business ROCK Stars? Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information on the 2019 competition, available during Summer 2018.

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