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Georgia companies rely on the state’s logistics infrastructure and services to handle and haul more than $900 billion of cargo each year. This is because Georgia has unparalleled options for cost-effective intermodal transportation – ocean, truck, rail, and air – as well as reliable connections to suppliers and customers, and the technology and workforce that make efficient logistics possible. The Center of Innovation for Logistics helps companies take advantage of the state’s world-class logistics industry, so that they can improve supply chain efficiencies, support growth, and increase global competitiveness. The Center connects companies to the technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships that cargo-owning companies need. The Center understands all segments of the logistics industry, and provides a truly impactful forum for companies to network, address logistics challenges, and share knowledge.
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Want a Career in an Entrenched Industry in Georgia? If So, Get to Know All About Logistics

From Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Georgia @ Work blog

The beauty of Georgia’s diverse economy is the opportunity that diversity brings to Georgia’s workforce.

Are you a creative type looking to entertain? Come check out our entertainment industry. It’s booming in Georgia, after all.

Are you into designing the newest flying machines? Look into the aerospace industry. It’s booming in Georgia, after all.

You know what else is booming in Georgia? Logistics. In fact, Georgia’s Port of Savannah is one of the busiest ports in the world.

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