An Award Winning Week for the Georgia Centers of Innovation

COI's David Nuckolls and Steve Justice with representatives from the Dalton Agency

We don’t often toss around superlatives, but perhaps we ought to start referring to ourselves as the Award Winning Georgia Centers of Innovation. Last week, our Centers took home awards in two different ceremonies. A Phoenix Award from the Georgia chapter of the Public Relations Society of America went to Global Account Manager of Marketing and Operations, David Nuckolls, and Center of Innovation for Agribusiness director Chris Chammoun received the J.W. Fanning Young Distinguished Professional Award from the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia at a November 3rd ceremony in Athens.

The Phoenix Awards is a competition designed by the Public Relations Society of America to recognize projects and programs that demonstrate excellence in the public relations profession in Georgia. This award was given to The Centers of Innovation along with our partners at the Dalton Agency for their work with us in the Media Relations field.COIAg Director Chris Chammoun with his award

The J.W. Fanning Young Distinguished Professional Award is awarded by the Agricultural Economics Association of Georgia at the University of Georgia to celebrate the work of young professionals in Georgia’s Agricultural Economics field. We are very proud to have J.W. Fanning Award recipient Chris Chammoun steering the ship of our Center of Innovation for Agribusiness.

We don’t always like to toot our own horn here, but we needed to take some time out from building our new trophy case.

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