Advanced Manufacturing: Research and Grants Fuel Innovation

The unplanned breakdown of equipment has devastating consequences if not properly detected. To combat this issue, Georgia-based Polymer Aging Concepts developed a polymer-based sensor, Age Alert, that makes it possible to monitor equipment before it breaks down and is no longer able to perform its function. This revolutionary sensor has virtually limitless applications including the monitoring of motors, generators, transformers, electric and hybrid vehicles, solid rocket propellants, foods and pharmaceuticals

Early in the commercialization process, they discovered the need to manufacture these sensors at a higher rate in order to meet potential market demand. Under a supporting grant from the Center of Innovation for Manufacturing they were connected to Georgia Institute of Technology researchers who built a new automated curing and data acquisition system. This system enabled Polymer Aging Concepts to increase their production capacity exponentially and included flexibility for future research and development.


“Commercialization would have been difficult, if not almost impossible, without the help of the Centers of Innovation and the Manufacturing Institute at Georgia Tech”, said Ken Watkins, CEO Polymer Aging Concepts, “I strongly urge any new business, especially high-technology innovative companies to locate in Georgia. It’s a very, very pro-business…pro-technology environment.”



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